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    Your hotel agency for small events from 10 people or large trade fairs / congresses with several thousand participants. Hotel agency for international events in Germany. Free hotel booking portals for trade fairs and individual conference and hotel service for meetings and conferences. We take care of the entire hotel organization, including any seminar rooms that may be required, without any risk for you and free of charge. In addition, we give you a commission for every overnight stay of your participants. The rooms are posted on our professional hotel portal and accessed by your guests. All you have to do is link the portal on your event homepage. Step 1) You place the order with us and provide us with the basic data of your planned event (location, date, expected number of participants, possibly required conference rooms - budget for conference rooms / catering, hotel category, meals). Step 2) We research the conference hotels that are right for you and negotiate contractually secured special conditions (between the hotel and Granevento for call contingents for trade fairs / conferences. You are not contractually dependent). For company events and firm bookings, all parts of the contract are discussed with our customers in advance and then we negotiate with the hotels / convention centers. Only the completed contract is forwarded to the customer for checking or signature. Step 3) After all contracts have been concluded, we will send you an overview of the completed hotel list for trade fair / conference call contingents. Finished! The rooms will now be available via the hotel booking portal (see screenshot). All you need to do is set a link to this portal on your website and the participant can conveniently book his room at the exclusive conference rate. Berlin Hamburg München Köln Frankfurt am Main Stuttgart Düsseldorf Leipzig Dortmund Essen Bremen Dresden Hannover Nürnberg Duisburg Bochum Wuppertal Bielefeld Bonn Münster Karlsruhe Mannheim Augsburg Wiesbaden Mönchen­gladbach1, Gelsenkirchen Braunschweig Aachen1 Kiel Chemnitz Halle (Saale) Magdeburg Freiburg im Breisgau Krefeld Mainz Lübeck Erfurt Oberhausen Rostock Kassel1 Hagen Saarbrücken Potsdam Hamm Ludwigshafen am Rhein Mülheim an der Ruhr Oldenburg (Oldb) Osnabrück Leverkusen Heidelberg Darmstadt Solingen Herne Neuss Regensburg Paderborn Ingolstadt Offenbach am Main Fürth Würzburg Ulm Heilbronn Pforzheim Wolfsburg Göttingen Bottrop Reutlingen Koblenz Bremerhaven, Erlangen Bergisch Gladbach Trier Recklinghausen Jena Remscheid Salzgitter, 11 Moers Siegen Hildesheim Gütersloh Kaiserslautern. The portal is constantly maintained by our employees and we are also personally available as a contact person for the entire booking period - you do not incur any effort. Reduction of your time and work effort As a specialized company, we take over the entire organizational effort with regard to the selection of an optimal conference hotel (including the required conference rooms) as well as other accommodation options for major events. Time-consuming and costly hotel research is no longer necessary for you (savings in personnel and communication costs) through quick and easy communication channels with GranEvento, as your personal contact for all hotel matters. Premium service Service is very important to us! GranEvento offers you personal support with a range of services tailored specifically to your requirements profile - no mass product - no impersonal booking machinery Free contract negotiations / preparation of contracts our hotel agency acts as a central contact for you and your participants / exhibitors in all hotel matters. Special conference and hotel room rates for you and yours Participants / exhibitors Ensuring accommodation for your participants in the immediate vicinity of the event location All contractual matters and risks in the internal relationship with the hotels (request, offer, negotiations, conclusion of contract, security payments, option deadlines) are taken over by GranEvento in the event of call contingents Online booking platform (including hotel information, travel information and interactive map, booking options, etc.) Kos ten Our service is completely free of charge for you Up to 75% savings for your participants We finance ourselves exclusively internally with the hotels on the basis of a success commission, which however has no influence on the final price for the hotel room. If the blocked allotments are not used, we pay the Consequences contractually agreed with the hotels, you will not incur any costs. 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